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Hanna Borka

Born in Hungary, where she won First Prize at the National Harp Competition in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Hanna Borka has studied and perfected her skills with prestigious harpists such as Germaine Lorenzini, Florence Sitruk, Sandrine Chatron, Isabelle Moretti, and Susann McDonald. She obtained her diploma of Master of Arts HES-SO in Pedagogy - Instrumental Education from the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève in 2018, and her diploma of Master of Arts HES-SO in Interpretation - orientation Concert from the same institution in 2020.


Winner of numerous scholarships and international prizes, including the scholarship of Lyra Foundation, WHC ‘Deane Sherman’ Award, WHC ‘Otake Family’ Award, and the 3rd prize at the International Harp Competition in Szeged in 2008. Appearing on stage as a soloist notably as the invited young harpist at the ‘Focus on Youth’ concerts of the 10th and the 12th editions of the World Harp Congress in Amsterdam and Sydney and as the only Hungarian candidate at the prestigious 19th International Harp Contest in Israel. In addition to her solo career, she also appears in chamber ensembles with the Trio of the Borka Sisters, and with the Harp Quartet of the HEMGE with performances at the 1st Harp Festival in Zürich, and the 23rd Edition of the Messiaen Festival, as well as within larger ensembles, in particular, as the invited harpist of the ‘Animato’ Orchestra and the Collegium Novum Zürich.


Passionate about painting and drawing, she realised her first exhibition of graphic works in the “Espérance” Center in Geneva in January 2017, her illustrations have been published in the jubilee edition of “Mesém” for the “Rath Lépcső Tudásközpont” Association in Hungary, and her canvases were exhibited as the guest of honour for the Charity Ball of the Hungarians of Geneva, February 2020.

In 2019, with the Trio of the Borka Sisters, Eszter, Ráhel and Hanna Borka debuted their project, ‘Music and visual arts live’. From September 2020, Hanna Borka continues to develop her project of multisensory shows, ‘HarpeIMage’, as part of -Pulse Incubateur HES - Geneva. Since September 2018, Hanna Borka has been the resident Harp teacher at the Western Vaud Conservatory - Morges site.

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